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Susan Terpning

A representational painter of western scenes, Susan Terpning's paintings include wildlife, Native American people and landscape.
Raised in Connecticut in a home filled with art, Susan began drawing and painting at an early age. Childhood interests in nature, horses and American Indians have provided lifelong sources of inspiration.

Upon completing her undergraduate work in anthropology, Susan turned to painting. Fortunate to have the well-known artist Howard Terpning as her father, Susan has been able to benefit from his expertise over the years. She has become established and recognized in the field of western art.

A resident of the southwest for the past 30 years, Susan believes the brilliant light and wide open spaces of New Mexico and Arizona have provided ideal painting inspiration. From bird watching trips to Africa to making replica Native American beaded costumes to briefly owning two wild mustangs, the same interests have appeared and re-surfaced throughout her life and somehow find their way into her paintings.

"Pony Dreams" Oil by Susan Terpning, 12"x9" $1,500

"Crow Horsemen" Oil by Susan Terpning, 30"x40" SOLD


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