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Joshua Tobey

Joshua Tobey's sculptures reveal as much about his wild subjects as they do about the human spirit. Joshua's late father, the acclaimed sculptor Gene Tobey, once said a bear is just a man wearing a bear costume. Nowhere is that adage truer than in the whimsical bears of Joshua Tobey who recline lazily, amuse themselves and show affection toward one other, revealing a glimpse into a secret world that is not unlike our own.
"My goal is to tell the human story using wildlife," Tobey said. "Whether the sculpture is large or small, I want the animal to make eye contact with the viewer. I want them to be invited into the story. It's no accident that the animals often tell us something about ourselves."Whether Tobey's subjects are soaring skyward, stalking their prey, playfully wrestling with each other, or curled peacefully in sleep, they are undeniably the product of an artist for whom the outdoors is a second home.

Formally trained in sculpture at Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado, his formative years were influenced by the Southwest art movement and its focus on culture, wildlife, landscape and history.
Tobey's body of work is characterized by the continual interaction of angles, lines and textures that emphasize the soft, silent language of sculpture. The suggestion of movement --- or the intent to move --- is a common thread in his work, which possesses a strong narrative sense, a clear articulation of mood and spirit, and an intricate knowledge of animal anatomy.

"Within the great tradition of sculpture, Joshua Tobey has set himself apart as an innovator who employs only the purest means of artistic expression," said Los Angeles Times art critic Holly Myers. Inspired by wildlife's vital energy and broad emotional range, Tobey's sculptures are infused with a quality that endures the passage of time, trend and taste.
Tobey currently shows in Sedona, Arizona; Palm Desert, California; Cannon Beach, Oregon; Park City, Utah; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; and his home city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. His work is part of the permanent collection at Georgia's Booth Western Art Museum


  "Grand Teton" Bronze by Joshua Tobey, 25"h x 10"w x 14"l, ed. 45 (one available) Call for pricing info: 1-888-779-2240

"Big Southern" Bronze by Joshua Tobey, 12"H x 19"L, $4,200 Call to purchase: 1-888-779-2240

"Summit" New Bronze by Joshua Tobey, 13.5"H x 9"W x 10.5"L $3,800 Call to purchase: 1-888-779-2240

"Charger" Bronze by Joshua Tobey, 10"H x 8"L (one available) Call to purchase: 1-888-779-2240


"Cody and Carmel" Bronzes by Joshua Tobey (Cody on right-11"h x 4.5"d, Carmel on left-11.5"h x 5.5"d) $1,600 each. Call to purchase: 1-888-779-2240

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For more information about purchasing Joshua Tobey's bronze sculptures or about his upcoming show, call the gallery 1-888-779-2240