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Grant Hacking

New England artist Grant Hacking was born and raised in South Africa and resided there until the age of twenty-five so he still experiences great pleasure in depicting the diverse animal life native to the Dark Continent. Living in this exotic location provided Hacking the opportunity to travel far and wide during the early years of his career researching material for his innovative wildlife compositions. However, a move to the United States in 1990 coupled with his dedication to a wife and two growing daughters motivated the artist to begin focusing on more localized subject matter as well. His oeuvre now includes figurative work, architecture, coastal scenes, and landscapes, especially those close to his home in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. "Strictly speaking, I do not want to be categorized as either a wildlife painter or a landscapist because what I really paint is nature," he explains. "I try to give equal time to both genres. When the weather is good, I enjoy painting en plein air, and when the chill winds of winter arrive, I return to my studio where painting my memories of Africa instills a sense of warmth."

Mr. Hacking comes by his talent naturally as both parents were professional painters. He relates that it was not until later in life that he realized he had not only learned many of his technical skills by observing his father at the easel, but that he had also gained remarkable insights when it came to exhibiting and marketing his own work.
Reflecting upon his career as a professional artist, Hacking notes, "When all is said and done, being a painter is really about making connections. Artists put so much of themselves into their paintings that buyers are often attracted as much by the personality of the artist as they are by a specific work. For this reason, the artist must strive to make certain each painting evokes a personal experience between the viewer and his art, one which allows the imagination to create what the brush leaves out."
His work continues to be received with great enthusiasm in the United States and Europe, with paintings on display in various museums including the Nature in Art Museum in England, the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum and the Lindsay Art Museum in California. Grant is a member of the prestigious Society of Animal Artists. Along with his wildlife art accolades he recently won 1st Place in the 2003 Artist's Magazine's 20th Annual Art Competition and his recent tribute to the U.S. Flag, which was displayed in the New York Governor's Mansion, now hangs in the Armory in New York City's Central Park.

"Early Start" New Oil by Grant Hacking, 12" x 10" $1,200. This piece is available at the Plainsmen Gallery in Clearwater, Florida

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