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Geoffrey Smith

Geoffrey C. Smith was born in San Francisco, California on June 12, 1961. Among his earliest memories are those of the outdoor adventures he shared with his father, an accomplished yachtsman and hunter, and his two brothers. His mother remembers Geoffrey as "always whittling something." That early talent was channeled when his grandfather taught him to carve duck decoys. Starting at an age of fifteen, Geoffrey perfected his carving skills, winning many regional awards. The sale of decoys helped pay his way through college in Bozeman, Montana. He soon realized the limitations of wood carving as a technique and began sculpting in clay.

Geoffrey's first bronze was cast in 1984, opening a new world of artistic possibility. His artistic style continues to evolve. He describes it as "loose," with fingerprints tracing and suggesting feathers and fur. A constant challenge to him is to impart the impression of motion to his work. Faithfulness to the spirit of the animal in its natural surroundings is very important. Geoffrey seeks to draw the observer to the animal for what it is, rather than trying to grant the animal human characteristics or expressions. Geoffrey has opted for a traditional chemical patina on his bronzes, and all pieces are cast using the age-old lost wax process.

In 1996, Geoffrey moved to Florida with his wife and two children. He wanted to spend more time indulging in his favorite pursuits, such as diving, the study of water birds, and saltwater fly-fishing. He has a gallery in the historic section of downtown Stuart, Florida. Geoffrey is a member of the Society of Animal Artists.


"Loggerheads & Spades" bronze by Geoffrey Smith

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